About Us

Certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Massachusetts State Police
Boston Firearms is a full service training facility located in the Everett, MA less than 10 minutes from Boston. Boston Firearms provides the necessary Basic Firearm Safety Course for MA residents to meet the training requirement for their MA Class A, License To Carry and Firearms Identification Card (FID).
Why Choose Us?
  • Classes held 7 days a week!
  • LIVE FIRE Training
  • Private Shooting Range
  • MA State Approved Firearm Safety course
  • Guests can attend for free
  • Less than 10 minutes from Boston
  • Free Parking / No Traffic
  • Special Class for Boston & Brookline Residents
  • 39 State Multi-License Course
  • Application assistance for your firearm License
Get Certified the Right Way!
  • Classes only 3 to 4 hours!
  • Flexible schedule!
  • Friendly Instructors
  • Private classes available
firearms safety course ma
Have Friends? Private/Group Rates! Birthday parties
  • We come to you for a training or you bring your group to us!
  • Discounted rates for groups. Please call to inquire!
  • Learning about firearms is an important step and with friends by your side and friendly instructors who care about getting you certified the right way, Boston Firearms is your place to learn.
firearms safety course ma
Don’t settle for less!
  • Boston Firearms uses real firearms for their training course. (Not like other local companies who use plastic guns.)
  • We believe you should have the best possible training and for that, need you to learn with real firearms so you can feel the real weight, tension and size.
Just the right type of class for you and your way of learning :
  • We keep our classes sizes to a minimum and we can do this by having classes 7 days a week.
  • In addition, for our classes we are 100% hands-on. (You won’t find this at other locations.)
  • We feel we are only as good as the students we teach.
  • When you walk out of our Boston Firearms facility, you will feel confident about how to handle a firearm properly.