Armed Defense Of The Home 1 (Shoot House)


Armed Defense of the Home I


This class will cover training needed to defend yourself and others in the home.  Practical training like this is highly encouraged for any concealed carry permit holder.

This class is broken up into two segments: a short classroom portion followed by practical training in our custom shoot house.  We will use simulated firearms to enhance the training.  There will be no live fire during this course.
  Classroom Topics include:

      Basic Laws & Principles of defending yourself in your home.

      Developing a Home self-defense plan

      Dealing with law enforcement after a shooting

      The Law of Deadly Force

      Self Defense Training

                  Stress and its effects

      Plus Much more

US Citizens/Permanent Resident Green Card can apply

You must have completed Basic safety course first before you can take this course

Practical topics include:

      Use of Cover

      Room entry & clearing

      Moving through a structure

      Engaging threats

      And much more

The instructor for this class is a law enforcement officer who brings real experience to the classroom.

Instructor:  Lieutenant Jim West

Department Training Officer
SWAT Team Member & Former Element Leader
Former Search & Rescue Team Manager
State Certified Firearms Instructor Trainer
Instructor in many areas (Taser, Use of Force, Tactics & Patrol Procedures)
Police Academy Drill Instructor & Trainer
Currently Detective Lieutenant / Specialized Services Commander

This class will not qualify you to receive a MA firearms license.