Brookline Qualification Test


 Brookline  requires each applicant to qualify on a Firearm At the Moon Island range. The test consists of 30 Rounds of .38 ammunition on a Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver.  You must first take the basic firearms course

Everything is included.  $125.00

Firearm,ammo,hearing,eye protection and Targets.

 If you live in Brookline we can qualify you.You won't have to go to the range with the police.

Let us Help you  qualify  for your Brookline Firearm License. This is private and more relaxed than going to Moon Island and you can Join Our Range. 

Must not be restricted(felonies) in taking part in Firearm course. If you are on probation or have any restrictions that prevent you from using firearms, You may not attend.

No pregnant or nursing women, please.(you can not enter range area)

please call us 617 944 0985