Concealed Carry 2

This is a follow up class from concealed carry 1. The purpose of this course is to provide students with instruction in the use of cover and/or concealment,drawing from holster and shooting from various positions. Students will shoot a course of fire from behind a barricade and from various shooting positions. Must have completed concealed carry 1 to take this course. This is not the course to get your MA gun license, (take the Basic safety course)
Everything included we provide the firearm and ammo
No license needed to take this class

  • Introduce the basic principles of defensive pistol in a tactical environment
 Holster types / Drawing from holster
 Locations for wear of a firearm and how they impact individual response
 Basic principles of drawing a firearm
 Principles of point shooting and sight acquisition
 Proper use of cover and cover techniques

Instructor for this class:

Michael Watson

US Army Ranger
3rd  Army Ranger Battalion 
Ft Benning GA

Security Specialist 
Blackwater Worldwide