Intro To Force-On-Force 1

Training For Engagements:
Intro to Force on Force 1 is a scenario based, live-fire simulated course designed for the armed citizen.  Students will train in our 10,000 sq. ft. facility with our own"Shoot House," and will be confronted by live assailants in a variety of real world scenarios. "Train for Engagement"

Using our special marking cartridges and our training pistols you will see what it is like to be in a gunfight.
Topics covered include:   Limited to 8 students

  •      Draw from concealment
  •      Tactical Reloads
  •      Force on Target shooting
  •      Shooting on the move
  •      Shooting from cover
  •      Indicators of violence
  •      Use of force decisions
  •      Live Assailants

Have you ever wondered how you would handle being in a deadly force encounter?  Would you be able to save yourself or your loved ones? Our Intro to Force on Force 1 course will put you into the most realistic situations against real life aggressors to test your skills. .
Force on force training is the next step in firearms training. Identify issues with decision making process during deadly encounters. This class will provide skills as they relate to concealed carry and force on force scenarios that mimic real life events.

Caution: This course is physical and will include mental stress placed on student. Participants must be in good health and physical fitness to attend. This Force on Force  course involves getting shot at with Simulated paint marking cartridges. The marking cartridges are painful and can break the skin and damage clothing