Self Defense And Firearms

Trial class the 28 of November -Self defense and Firearms. shoot a gun in our range

Adults looking for realistic, practical defense training can check out our Integrated Krav Maga classes. This powerful system emphasizes preparing for real-world situations with high alertness, and devastating strikes and counterattacks. Krav Maga was initially developed for use in the Israeli Defense Forces, where even today all soldiers are trained in its methods. Also favored by American law enforcement, Krav Maga is rising in popularity with the civilian sector, owing to its exciting, adrenaline-packed classes and sheer effectiveness. 
Be the one to survive when reality strikes

Boston Fight Centers Everett location is the only self-defense school featuring an indoor shooting range.

Here, we teach our very popular Mass Firearms Safety Course certified by the state of Massachusetts, this program satisfies the Massachusetts Firearms License training requirement for all successful participants.

Other offerings include the Multi-State Firearm Carry License Course, which satisfies the training requirements for a whopping 39 US states (including Massachusetts), the Utah Non-Residence Course (for a concealed firearm permit accepted by 31 states), and more. And if you're simply looking to learn how to shoot, we got you covered as well, with a group and private lessons available by request (this makes for a great birthday or bachelor/ette party!).

Also suitable for law enforcement and security companies, we offer range time for those looking to practice or refresh their skills and a simulation shoot house for situational training.

Firearms Training with live fire-

Must not be restricted(felonies) in taking part in Firearm course. If you are on probation or have any restrictions that prevent you from using firearms, You may not attend.

No pregnant or nursing women, please.(you can not enter range area)