Learn To Shoot 2


Learn TO Shoot II

$100 includes use of firearm and ammo
Once you completed learn to shoot 1  move up to Learn Shoot II. You will progress to…
  • A larger caliber handgun
  • A comfort level with pistol manipulation
  • Better Shooting fundamental skills
  • Tactical Training
  • More proficiency in clearing malfunctions
  • Handgun and ammo included
  • Up to 45 minutes of training

You will be firing a 9 mm or .38 cal pistol or revolver at a paper target on the range.

We are very flexible with time please call to schedule

Must not be restricted(felonies) in taking part in Firearm course. If you are on probation or have any restrictions that prevent you from using firearms, You may not attend.

No pregnant or nursing women, please.(you can not enter range area)