Basic Firearm Safety Course (Get MA Gun License)


  $120 Each Student  With Live Fire 

This class will certify you to apply for your MA license to carry firearms or FID card.also non-resident license. 
This is the Course required for your MA gun license or FID card.

This course satisfies the Massachusetts training requirement to apply for your License To Carry or Firearm Identification Card in all cities.  Approved for the State of MASS

100% hands-on training.
(Completed in one day about 3 - 4 hours)  OVER 1000 5 Star Reviews on  Google
We Train Thousands of people each year, we are one of the largest providers of  The required Mass Basic Firearms Safety Course. 
We also help you with the application process.

You can also take our Multi License course in place of our basic one to maximize your carry potential and carry in 39 States.(Best Course)

Live fire training in every class - preferred by police chiefs. 

Don't settle for cut-rate training courses where you don't even get to fire a real handgun!  That is like getting driver's license without getting behind the wheel.  We have over 1100 5 star google reviews

Quincy, Sharon, Weymouth and Hanover require live fire (real guns not simulated)

Boston and Brookline you must pass a shooting test, We offer a prep test class to help you pass (recommended)
Our Range and classroom are in the same building you will not have to come back at a later time to do the live fire.  

After Taking Course you will receive your Firearm safety certificate.

Basic Firearms Safety Course Includes:

  • Live Fire Shooting
  • Small Classes
  • Firearms Parts and Operation
  • Ammunition
  • Using Firearms Safely
  • Storage of Firearms  
  • Transporting Firearms
  • Overview of Cleaning
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Basic Marksmanship Skills
  • Ma Firearms Laws
  • Application Assistance
Get your MA, ME and FL License With our Training Certificate.

All of our instructors are NRA And MASS State Police Certified, As well as current, former Law Enforcement and Military Officers

GUEST ATTEND FOR FREE. They can participate in the class. If they want their certificate all they have to do is pay for it. They can pay that day of class or at a later date.

Must not be restricted in taking part in Firearm course. 

Money Saving Discounts

All student gets the following Discounts  


      $20 off a Range Membership

      FREE range lane rental pass when you get your license.

We offer self-defense training both with firearms and without.

This course can be done at your suitable location for private groups. It is also available as a segment of the Multi-License course.

We also offer a 39+ State  multi license course.

All the Best!
Boston Firearms