Training For Engagements


Training For Engagements (T4E)

Training For Engagements (T4E Levels 1-5):

The T4E program is our weekly course that is designed to give you the greatest chance for survival. This is not your typical firearms or self defense class.  In order to survive in the home or outside the home you must become proficient in firearms and self-defense. This includes manipulation drills, firearms and defensive tactics, Our Integrated Krav Maga combined with stress management.  We combine multiple training systems and equipment to help you prepare.This is  Force on Force training using specialized training guns and self -defense (this is as real as it gets).
Integrated Krav Maga  This powerful system emphasizes preparing for real-world situations with high alertness, and devastating strikes and counterattacks. Krav Maga was initially developed for use in the Israeli Defense Forces, where even today all soldiers are trained in its methods. Also favored by American law enforcement, Krav Maga is rising in popularity with the civilian sector, owing to its exciting, adrenaline-packed classes and sheer effectiveness.
Be the one to survive when reality strikes-  Firearms training included.
Our location is the only self-defense school featuring an indoor shooting range.
Monthly Payment plans are available.We have several packages to choose from.
This is Boston Tactical. class is 2 times a week.$20.00 per class or monthly payments available.