Massachusetts Premiere Firearms Training Center

Available Classes
Basic Firearm Safety Course (Get MA LTC Gun License)
This is The Class For Your MA Firearms License. LTC
Class A or FID Card - Get certified quickly, this will also get you a non-resident license..
All cities in MA except this course . We offer the city of Boston gun safety classes

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 Cost $140.00 with Live Fire Shooting guns  Preferred By Police Chiefs-helps get unrestricted LTC in some cities. Some cities require live fire

(pre payment required you will get email)

MA State and NRA Certified -

This course satisfies the Massachusetts training requirement to apply for your License To Carry or Firearm Identification Card in all cities.

Classes Offered:-

Morning -Afternoon - Evening

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The Multi-License Firearm Course (BEST)--39 State Carry License----MA,RI.FL,ME,NH,CT
Concealed Carry 1 (Not A License Class)
Intro To Shooting
Armed Defense Of The Home 1 (Shoot House)
Brookline Qualification Test
RI Qualification Test
Private Shooting Lessons
Boston Tactical