Massachusetts Premiere Firearms Training Center

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March, 2021
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Available Classes
Concealed Carry 1

Course Goal: To develop the knowledge, skills and attitude to carry and use a concealed pistol ethically, responsibly, legally and with confidence. THIS IS A LIVE FIRE COURSE you will shoot on the range. not just sitting in a class. This course is not to obtain your gun license for that course sign up for the basic firearms safety course.

This course is intended to be the next level of training for students that HAVE a MA LTC or  Completed our MA Pistol License Course (LTC-020), or a basic firearms safety course or approved equivalent, and desire to carry a concealed handgun for personal protection. Some Massachusetts Police Chiefs require such training to qualify for issuance of an unrestricted LTC. (Lowell Revere ,Springfield and other cities)  Our course has real live shooting drills and tactics .it is not a lecture theory class. If your looking for the real deal this is it. approved for Lowell

Course fee is $180.00

if you have your LTC and want restrictions removed, you should take this course. we do not guarantee an unrestricted license by taking this course.

No Refunds on deposit or paid in full for any reason,you may reschedule for a $20. fee  If you cancel your class WITHOUT  A 5 DAY  NOTICE we will charge your card the full price. if you do not show for your class you are responsible for the full payment.Covid 19 . if you cancel because your were exposed or are going to get tested, The balance of class is still due, You can reschedule again after your 2 weeks.

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