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February, 2023
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25AM Classes Available
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The Multi-License Firearm Course (BEST)--39 State Carry License----MA,RI.FL,ME,NH,CT
This course includes the MA basic safety course 
Anyone can do this course no matter what state you live in,

The Multi-License Firearm Course This  course qualifies you to apply for several licenses including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island; Arizona, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc. You do not  need to get them all, but you can if it suits your travel requirements. This course is perfect for business travelers, big game hunters, firearm competitors, vacationers, bikers, etc.
The course is based upon the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit course and our proprietary MA Pistol License course (LTC-020).  If you apply for all six licenses/permits, you can legally carry in 39 states!  $300.00 per person. can't beat that price.  (does not include State lic fee)  you do not have to apply to all states
1 Course...6 Licenses...39 States!  NO MASS Lic needed to take this course

This course satisfies the Massachusetts training requirement to apply for your License To Carry or Firearm Identification Card  completed in one day

US Citizens/Permanent Resident Green Card can apply

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